about us

We SAFETY Tech Management, a unit of Cochin Fire Guard & We Guard Control, an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Safety Engineering Company and Professional Trainers in the field of Safety Engineering. We are providing Full Day & Half Day Seminars & Trainings for your employees at your door step. The method of training is Power Point Presentation with relevant informative Video Films, Demonstration and Practical etc. An effective safety training is a key element in the prevention of Minimization of Work Related Injuries, Careless Work Procedures, Unsafe Acts & Conditions, Safety Violations, Improper Method of Work Style, Time Loss Activities, Misbehavior Activities among Employees, Illness & Death. And also important to know what are the existing Safety Arrangements provided in your pramises and its proper working method.

why safetytech management

We have efficient Faculties, who are trained and practices under the strict guidelines of our Director and Chief Trainer Dr. B. JAYAPRAKASH (PhD in Safety Engineering) and they are able to conduct Safety Training Programmes in a highly Professional manner both Theory and Practical. We have an excellent record in delivering Fire Safety & Industrial Safety Training Programmes. We focus on Internationally recognized Health and Safety Standard Programmes for more than 2000 (Two Thousand) different types of Industrial relations all over Kerala. We provide total Safety Training Solution. Our primary objects is to train personnel in Industry & Commerce on various aspects of Safety and Accident Prevention, Loss Prevention, Elimination of Unsafe Acts & Unsafe Conditions etc.